“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”

- Terry Pratchett

2022-01-23 #rvlife #travel #california #desert
We went camping at Lake Cahuilla in La Quinta, California. We had a great time watching the pelicans on the lake, hiking in the desert, and checking out the Salton Sea and the Joshua Tree South BLM lands for possible other camping.
2022-01-16 #rvlife #travel #california
In our 6 days on the California Central Coast we saw an elephant seal rookery, thousands of monarch butterflies, we fed ostriches, enjoyed the beaches, and found the little mermaid in Solvang, CA.
2022-01-09 #rvlife #travel #sanfran
These are our top highlights for what to see and do in the Napa Valley and San Francisco East Bay Area.
2022-01-02 #rvlife #travel #california
We left Hope, BC and drove our RV to California as fast as we could. We hitched up our trailer in record cold temperatures to head south in search of warmer temperatures and less snow. What we weren’t expecting was waking up to snow in California!
2021-12-30 #rvlife #travel #checklist
Planning to go on some long-term travel? This ultimate guide for travelers, snowbirds, and digital nomads suggests 12 things you NEED TO DO BEFORE LEAVING to get your home, yourself, and your plans organized before your trip.
2021-12-23 #travel #everett #wastate
We went exploring the town of Everett Washington and the surrounding area for a day. We found there is a great mix of activities for all interests and age groups.
2021-12-19 #rvlife #travel #harrison
We visit Harrison Hot Springs at (what we think is) the best time of the year to go. When the weather outside is frightful, the pools are so delightful!
2021-12-16 #rvlife #travel #covid
After a five day trip to the USA, we drove home to Canada. What we weren’t expecting was needing to do a second COVID PCR test.
2021-12-12 #rvlife #travel #christmas
If you haven’t been to the Bavarian-style town of Leavenworth, WA you need to go check it out. We kicked off our holiday season with a trip to the number one Christmas town in the USA and were not disappointed.
2021-12-05 #rvlife #travel #border
We hitched up our trailer and headed for the US border for the first time since covid-19 closed it. The US-Canadian border opened for non-essential travel to fully vaccinated travelers on November 8, 2021. With our vaccine records and passports in hand we hit the road a few weeks later.
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