“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”

- Terry Pratchett

2022-03-20 #rvlife #travel #beach #camping
We went camping on the beach in California to see what it was like and discovered that it’s one of those things people either love or hate.
2022-03-13 #rvlife #travel #santabarbara
We camped near Santa Barbara for $25/night which allowed us to explore the city for a week! We found some inexpensive things to do around Santa Barbara, and a couple of splurges worth the money.
2022-03-06 #rvlife #travel #rocket #spacex
We camped as close as we could to a SpaceX Starlink rocket launch on the California coast. We want to share all the details on how to see a SpaceX launch in person and where we camped to be close to the launch site.
2022-02-27 #rvlife #travel #phoenix #camping
We camped for free near Phoenix AZ and got bugged. Despite our unwelcomed winged guests, we got out to explore the Phoenix Area to see Historic Glendale, the Glendale Xeriscape Gardens, and South Mountain Park.
2022-02-24 #rvlife #travel #saddle-mountain
Saddle Mountain hike is hard, and somewhat terrifying at times, but the payoff is amazing. At the top there are views of mile upon mile of desert and mountains.
2022-02-20 #rvlife #travel #boring
Want to see what RV living is actually like? Welcome to a regular week when we are not out adventuring and exploring, but are instead running errands and hanging out with Benny the cat at our RV.
2022-02-17 #rvlife #travel #kofa
There is a hike into Palm Canyon that we did, but getting to the viewpoint was not enough for us. We climbed up into the canyon to get a closer look at Arizona's only native palm trees.
2022-02-13 #rvlife #travel #desert #yuma
There was a wind storm coming and so we had to find a new camping spot to hunker down.
2022-02-06 #rvlife #travel #yuma
There are so many Canadians that come here in the winter that some call Yuma, AZ Canada’s most southern city - and there’s a t-shirt for it, too!
2022-01-30 #rvlife #travel #quartzsite #arizona
Every winter Quartzsite, Arizona is flooded with hundreds of thousands of visitors. So much so that it has become known as the RV boondocking capital of the world. We had to go check it out for ourselves, and want to share some of the tips we learned along the way.
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