“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”

- Terry Pratchett

2021-05-30 #rvlife #travel #hiking
The Dragon’s back trail (Kw'okw'echiwel Stl'aleqem) near Hope, BC is a new trail as of spring 2021. Hiking in BC and Hiking near Vancouver offer beautiful lookouts, mossy forests, and lots of ferns.
2021-05-27 #rvlife #travel #tutorial #guide
RV Electrical 101 explains the basics of how RV electrical systems work. How does an RV electrical system work?
2021-05-23 #rvlife #travel #camping #bc
We go camping at the Silver Lake Provincial Park campground near Hope, BC. While there, we played our favorite board games, and cooked nachos and grilled cheese sandwiches on the campfire.
2021-05-20 #rvlife #travel #shower
Our unsponsored Oxygenics fury RV shower head review describes the features of the Oxygenics fury RV shower head and compares our shower experience with a standard RV shower head to a shower experience with the Oxygenics fury RV shower head.
2021-05-16 #rvlife #travel #bc #camping
Camping in BC at Silver Lake Provincial Park in the Skagit valley near Hope, BC. We review this campground, share the best sites, amenities, and discover things to do at Silver Lake provincial park, BC.
2021-05-13 #rvlife #travel #solar #offgrid
When installing RV solar panels, where do the wires go? Jay works on RV solar panel wire routing in this video and shows where and how he routed the wires for the Renogy solar panels he installed on our RV roof.
2021-05-09 #rvlife #travel #bcparks #review
We recently enjoyed a few days at Sasquatch Provincial Park in British Columbia (BC), Canada. We stayed at the Hicks Lake campground mid-week on a first come, first serve site that worked out great for us.
2021-05-06 #rvlife #travel #solar #batteries
Install solar panels on RV roof with tilt brackets. Jay installs our new Renogy solar panels with tilt brackets to the top of our RV and will share how to install solar panels on your RV roof with tilt brackets, too.
2021-05-03 #rvlife #travel #campground #review
We review the Hicks Lake campground in Sasquatch Provincial Park BC. It is one of many campgrounds in BC and is located near Harrison Hot Springs in BC, Canada. This campground review will show what amenities are available, things to do at Hicks Lake BC, and we will share what we think are the top 5 sites. Beautiful camping is found here.
2021-04-29 #rvlife #travel #rvlife
How to clean an RV roof is what Jay shares in this video. A clean RV roof is important for maintaining the roof of an RV and preventing water damage inside the RV. The RV roof cleaning in this video is specific for a walkable rubber roof. Follow manufacturer directions for other types of RV roofs.
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