RV Life Can Be Boring

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RV Life Can Be Boring

Welcome to a regular week when we are not out adventuring and exploring, but are instead running errands and hanging out with Benny at our RV. RV living has its pros and cons. On the one hand you get to go explore and see some really cool places. On the other hand, the regular everyday things in life still need to get done, like laundry, getting mail, and self-care. RV or Van life might make these more difficult, but does that make RV life boring?

Even though we were not exploring local attractions and parks, we were still out seeing a new area. What we’ve seen of the Phoenix area so far has been good and we’re excited to get to see more…right after we get our errands done.

How Do We Do Laundry While Traveling?

Doing laundry on the road is always an interesting experience. Our RV does not have in-suite laundry like some of the fancier rigs do, so we have to find a laundromat each time we need to clean our clothes, towels, and bedsheets. So far, we’ve been pretty fortunate to have positive experiences almost everywhere we’ve been. The biggest lesson we learned was not doing laundry on the weekend. We did that once and will never do it again because the place was super busy and we had to wait for machines, which of course meant that our 1-hour chore turned into a 2-hour chore.

What Do We Do For Medical Appointments While Traveling?

Medical appointments when we’re traveling aren’t all that common, especially when we are in the US. We do carry travel insurance if there is a need to seek medical attention, but otherwise we would generally take care of routine visits when we are back home in Canada. However, when we learned of an amazing deal to have our eyes checked and get new glasses for about $70 USD, we didn’t want to pass that up. So we made appointments with America’s Best Contacts and Glasses in Glendale Phoenix.

How Do We Receive Mail While Traveling?

Receiving mail while on the road isn’t much of a priority for us. We put a hold on our Canadian mail and switch as much as we can to receive by email. While traveling, we generally aren’t in a location with an address or in any one spot long enough to warrant using a campground address or general post office mail box. However, we do need to make the occasional Amazon order, which we can thankfully do with their drop box points. Not everything can be sent to these boxes, of course, because of their restricted size, but we’ve been able to get most things we need. We recently ordered a tire pressure monitoring system which was small and fit perfectly in one of the Amazon drop boxes. We want to order a larger item and will have to find another option, such as a mail receiving business, or a friend's house where we can pick it up. These kinds of logistics make things interesting for route planning.

There are huge rewards to being able to travel. We get to see the most beautiful landscapes and meet some interesting people along the way. The everyday stuff, of course, pops up and is a little more complicated to arrange than if we were at home, but not impossible. Now that we’ve learned how and where to do these things, it’s becoming part of our routine and is less complicated than when we first had to figure it out. It’s even led us to some great finds (usually bakeries).


Until next time, keep on living the life you’ve imagined!

Mel, Jay & Benny

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