Canada's Warmest Lake

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Canada’s Warmest Lake

While visiting Osoyoos on the third leg of our circle route to the Okanagan Valley, we stumbled upon Canada’s warmest lake. As it turns out, Osoyoos Lake is on average a whopping 25-28℃ in the summer. Our lakeside campsite in the overflow parking at Haynes Point (sẁiẁs) Provincial Park turned out to be just what we needed to stay cool in the heat wave that settled upon us.

Jay enjoying a Mexican burrito lunch in the park at Osoyoos Lake in Osoyoos, BC.

We mentioned in our last post, {link} “We found FREE camping in the Okanagan Valley”, that the area is usually fully booked and can be expensive for camping in the summer months. This was no exception. Our overflow road-side parking spot at Haynes Point cost about $37 for the night. It was by no means a perfect campsite, however we were closer to the lake than anyone else, the park is close to town, and the road was pretty quiet by sundown making it ok for sleeping. Sometimes it’s worth paying for location.  

The wildfire burning just north of us was one of the reasons we chose to stick close to town and in an area with on-site hosts. We knew we would be woken up if there was any need to evacuate in the night, but thankfully there wasn’t.

Mel and Emilie cooling off in the shade at Osoyoos Lake

Although the wildfire changed our plans, we still had a wonderful time exploring the Okanagan Valley and made plans to head back after the wildfires got under control and in time for the fall harvest.

Until next time, keep on living the life you’ve imagined!

Mel, Jay & Benny

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