Manning Park in the Summer

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Manning Park in the Summer

Our trip into Manning Park was the first leg of our circle route to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. We had a great time staying at Coldspring campground, walking the Sub-Alpine Meadows Loop Trail, and making friends at the Cascades Lookout.

This park is a thick wooded forest, so definitely plan to bring bug spray if you are coming in the summer. The blood suckers were especially thick on the sub-alpine meadows loop trail.

Something that we didn’t share in the video that we thought was really cool, is that the skies around Manning Park are really dark because of its remoteness and there being so little light pollution. The lodge rents out telescopes at a very reasonable price for star viewing, too! Seeing the night sky through a telescope was really cool and they even provided books to help identify the different constellations.    

Until next time, keep on living the life you’ve imagined!

Mel, Jay & Benny

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