BC camping circle route - The cowboy loop (part 3)

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Swimming with a duck

Traveling, for us and I’m sure a lot of others, is about making memories. We can plan and organize our itineraries to make sure we don’t miss a thing, but sometimes the unplanned things are what become the most memorable (and hopefully enjoyable) parts of the trip.

If you’ve been following our Cowboy Loop series already, you’re likely aware that Jay decided to swim in all of the lakes we visited. This part was planned, but what was not planned was having a feathered friend join him while we were staying at Marble Canyon Provincial Park. The docile duck just walked up to him and he played along inviting her to go for a swim. It was such a cute moment, making this week’s video one of our most memorable for us so far.

Drive highway 99

The cowboy loop continued from Lac le Jeune through Cache Creek (with a short pit stop at the Historic Hat Creek) to Marble Canyon Provincial Park where we explored a beautiful waterfall, turquoise lakes, and took a day trip to the town of Lillooet.

The drive along highway 99 between Marble Canyon and Lillooet was one of the most beautiful and stunning drives we’ve taken in BC and a must see. We drove it in both directions (north and south) and for some reason it seemed more stunning while driving south. Maybe it was because we were on the cliff-side of the highway and our adrenaline was running a bit higher or maybe it’s because we were oriented optimally to see the beauty of the hills and to easily pull in and out of the road-side view points. Either way, that’s the direction we recommend driving to have the best experience on this route.      

Until next time, keep on living the life you’ve imagined!

Mel, Jay & Benny

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