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Digital checklist

Checklists! We love checklists and can’t get enough of them. While prepping our travel trailer before leaving our home base or campsite we rely heavily on the Google Keep app to store our departure checklist.

We can’t say enough about it, really. It’s digital, we can collaborate together in real time on any of the checklists we share with each other, and we can set reminders based on date, time, and location. The location reminder is really cool and we’ve used it so many times when we need to remember to do something when we aren’t sure what time we’ll arrive at the place we need the list.

To see all of the things we have on our departure checklist, watch our video. We’ll even help you get started using google Keep, too. Then you can go digital with your checklists! We’ve used the app for so many other lists beyond a departure checklist.

My favorite list is our shared grocery list. I can be at the grocery store and if Jay has forgotten to ask for something, he can add it directly to the list and I will see it appear as I’m going down the aisles! Do you have a favorite checklist app? If not, give this one a try. It can be found in your phone’s app store and it’s FREE!

Until next time, keep on living the life you’ve imagined!

Mel, Jay & Benny

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