Visiting Bridal Veil Falls, BC

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Visiting Bridal Veil Falls, BC

Waterfall Season

Springtime rains and snow melt means it’s waterfall season! Is that a thing? You bet it is! Summer heat and droughts on the west coast often dry up or reduce a lot of waterfalls to a trickle compared to the roaring torrents they are in the Spring.

We took the opportunity to zip down the highway for a visit to Bridal Veil Falls provincial park this week to admire the 60 foot waterfall there. It was so beautiful and a worthy pit stop on any BC road trip.

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

The park is located just off highway 1 in Bridal Falls, BC about 10 minutes east of Chilliwack. There is enough room for bus and RV parking, but take care on the road leading up to the parking lot as it is a bit narrow. Once parked, picnic tables (with bbq stands!), outhouses, and an information hut are all close by. We even saw a water tap, but there was no indication as to whether or not it was potable water, so use at your own risk.

The trail splits shortly after the parking lot into the “express” 15-minute walk to the falls or the woodland trail, which will also take you to the falls. We chose the express route because we were eager to see the waterfall, and then strolled along the woodland trail on the way back to the parking lot.

The trail up was nice and wide, and well cared for. It is an uphill walk, but not too strenuous. Once at the top we were treated to the beautiful cascading 60 foot waterfall coming down into the forest of moss covered cedars. The amount of water coming down caused a cool breeze all around the base of the falls - it felt like air conditioning! I was glad to have a light sweater with me despite it being a hot day.

We showed up not really knowing what to expect here and were pleasantly surprised to see all of the amenities available. We think it would make the perfect pit stop on a BC road trip between the lower mainland and the interior of BC. Even though we live a short distance away, we’re even thinking of coming back with the BBQ so we can enjoy the area a little more.  

Until next time, keep on living the life you’ve imagined!

Mel, Jay & Benny

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