Attempting to cross the US Border

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Attempting to cross the US Border

Getting to the US border was a bit of a whirlwind trip and much more rushed than we had expected it to be. Emotions were running high as we navigated through a landslide zone, flood zone, an atmospheric river to get there, and our excitement of getting to travel to the US again. Call us crazy, but this was the last chance to do a trial run across the border before our big winter trip,  and we didn’t want to have to cancel at the last minute again. Not to mention it was also our holiday season kickoff.

The last six months in British Columbia have been trying for sure. After a summer of intense wildfires that devastated many areas, those same areas are now facing massive flooding as we experience the most rainfall on record this fall. We’ve seen the roads to our town cut off by fires, landslides, flooding, and complete washouts. We’ve seen travelers get stranded in Hope for several days, and we’ve seen the incredible power of the human spirit and a town come together to help those affected. A recent saying has popped up that we think is very fitting to describe this year in BC: “Through Hell and High Water We Are BC Strong”. So, after cancelling plans, rearranging schedules, and getting a bit of cabin fever several times in the last few months, we decided we just needed to go for it.

It’s amazing how cabin fever can make you feel. Some people might never experience it in their lives. For us, as travelers, we’ve experienced it many times. It’s this feeling of anxious anticipation to go somewhere different, see something new, or just have a change of scenery.

We hitched up to leave a bit earlier than planned. Although we were packed, we were waiting until the afternoon to head out. Then an announcement was made that the main highway was going to be closed as a precaution for the storm. So, we hurried ourselves out the door, hitched up, and hit the road.

Until next time, keep on living the life you’ve imagined!

Mel, Jay & Benny

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