Visiting Lake Louise in Banff National Park

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In this episode: We spend sunrise at Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada, then hike up to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House for tea and biscuits!

We just spent the most amazing 2 days exploring Lake Louise and only scratched the surface of what this spectacular area has to offer.

Our biggest tips:

  • Go early - like, really early. Wait much longer and you could be faced with overflowing parking lots and big crowds.We got there before sunrise both mornings and only managed to get parking at Lake Louise. We sadly missed out on Lake Moraine (which we were told is even more beautiful- is that possible?!) because we weren’t there early enough. The parking lot was full before 6:30am! I supposed this is a very good reason to go back, eh?
  • Hike, or hire a horse, and go to the 6 Glaciers tea house - the views alone are worth the trek and there’s a tasty reward at the top!
  • Don’t rush - take the time to enjoy and breathe in that beautiful fresh mountain air. Try to avoid snapping your photos and moving on too quickly.

Next week we take you to the town of Banff as we travel East to Calgary to moochdock at a friend’s house.

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