Boondocking on Crown Land near Hope, BC

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In this episode: Want to see which truck and trailer we got? We reveal that on our first trip out. On this trip we are joined by friends and we find a FREE boondocking site, camping on crown land, close to Hope, BC.

We’ve finally hit the road and are revealing our truck and trailer this week in our first camping trip. We had a great time out with friends, who celebrated our maiden voyage with us by bringing some champagne (not captured on video, sorry)!

We did learn some valuable lessons on this first trip, though:

  1. Not everything will go to plan, so it’s good to have backup plans and to roll with it
  2. There is a right and wrong way to roast a hot dog on a campfire
  3. Pay close attention to your resources when boondocking (i.e battery, propane, and water levels).

Most importantly, we learned that there is some amazing scenery and camping right on our doorstep. We feel truly blessed to call British Columbia our home and to have this incredible opportunity to explore it.

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See you next week with our in depth truck review.

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